The Calm After the Storm

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Deadliest MVPs

(# of players killed)

Orc Lord......240
Orc Hero......226
SEP 17, 2010
Posted byTrojal

Maintenance #5

Fixed party HP not updating, colored main chat to make it more visible.
AUG 4, 2010
Posted byTrojal

Client Update #2

Client has been updated to sort out some oddities that appeared with the previous client update. This should fix Gravity Errors for users, and includes a patcher that should request administrator privileges on Vista/7 instead of failing to patch. New client version(s) can be downloaded at the Download Page, or you can get the Minimal Install here. Please submit any gravity error logs...
JUL 28, 2010
Posted byTrojal

TempestRO Aesthetic Renewal

Brand new website, new domain name (tempestro.com) and new client with patcher (as well as full client downloads available). More coming soon!
JUL 24, 2010
Posted byTrojal

Maintenance #4

MvP card drop rate increased, @guildhp fixed for battlegrounds, status icon added for Cursed Water and Elemental Converters, Mystical Card Album added!
JUL 23, 2010
Posted byTrojal

New Gamemaster -- GM-Ronnie

Welcome our newest Gamemaster addition, GM-Ronnie! He has previous experience as an administrator, but this is his first time as a Ragnarok Online Gamemaster. He is helping as a PR GM, answering questions and helping people with various problems they may encounter. He also has basic German language knowledge.